Week 3 $100 Cascade Cash Prize Winner

Martos Hoffman of Flagstaff, AZ

IG | @martoshoffman

"My boating buddy, Carl Bigler, and his wife Jane, who is somewhere in the front of the boat, throw themselves to the mercy of the Lava Falls river gods on the Colorado River in Grand Canyon. For me, this picture shows the intensity, thrill, and sometimes capricious nature of running one of the most intense rapids on the Colorado. Seeing a 16 foot, fully loaded, boat up on its edge with a waterfall spilling out of the boat clearly shows the power of the water. The boatman’s intensity, despite his precarious situation speaks to his never give up attitude. Based upon this picture, do you think the boat was upright a second or two later?"

Photo Location| Colorado River, Grand Canyon, Lava Falls